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Raleigh Home Improvement Ideas

    In today's housing market, many homeowners find themselves in a situation where they need more space but canít sell or love their existing neighborhood but arenít satisfied with the features of their home. At Solid Builders, we specialize in Cary and Raleigh home improvements and can help you visualize and solve the issues you have with your home.

Here are just a few of many home improvement ideas that might help improve your quality of life:

Our home improvements in Raleigh

  1. Does your home lack character and charm? Try adding crown moulding throughout your home, chair rai l going down your hallway, install wainscot in your bathroom or picture bead on your living room walls. Simple cost eff ective things like this can make a major difference in your homeís appeal.
  2. Was your home built in 1960 like mine and needs a master suite with features such as dual sinks and a tile st and up shower? If your property allows for it, building an addition on your home can be very affordable while com pared to buying a home that has more space. For example, an average 4 bedroom home in Raleigh costs $397,000 while a home with 3 bedrooms averages about $217,000 a difference of $180,000. You can hire a contra ctor and build the master suite of your dreams for around $55,000. This would put you in a 4 bedroom home for $125,000 less and you can stay in your established neighborhood. *need a way to finance your project. Ask us about a home renovation loan.
  3. Do you work from home and need a better office space with more privacy? If your home has a baseme nt, an attic or a garage you should consider transforming these spaces into finished square footage. Again, these can be very cost effective means of improving your home to suit your needs. Plus, you can use this expense as a ta x w rite off since you are using it for business.
  4. Is your kitchen too small and you despise cooking in the space? Removing existing walls to ope n u p your kitchenís layout and reconfiguring your kitchen area is a great home improvement idea. Our team of professi onals can provide you with both designs and their feasibility within your home to create spaces that work for you.
  5. Need more storage space/larger closets? Many times homes have wasted space that can be restructu red to create functional storage areas. Or sometimes just simply building some built-in shelves can help with eliminating clutter.
  6. Are you tired of toys in your living room and need a recreation room? Consider adding a bonus room onto your home. Depending on your property and your needs, you may want to go up with another story, add onto your existing level or finish a space such as an attic, garage or basement.

    For more specific home improvement ideas for your home in the Raleigh area contact Solid Builders for a consultation today. Our design consultant and General Contractor can take the complaints you have with your home and transform it into a place that satisfies your needs.

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My front porch/deck was destroyed by fire and I needed to have the repair work done as soon as possible. It was great that Aaron made it a priority, worked it into his schedule and completed the job only 2 days after I accepted the estimate. I was very happy with the work done by the Solid Builders. The work was completed sooner than expected and under estimate. I will use Solid Builders for future projects.
Kevin Adame
July 2008
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