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 Construction Begins

Step 9: Construction Phase ó Now itís time to start construction. Solid Builders will draft a production schedule and review it with you. This way you know when and what to expect.

We will begin your project by making any necessary home protection measures including but not limited to drop cloths, plastic sheets to barricade areas of construction, laying plastic carpet covers at high traffic areas, covering air registers, etc.

For remodeling and new construction within an already established neighborhood we do not start work until 8:00 am.

With remodeling your home and/or new construction comes disruption to your familyís life. However, with a contractor like Solid Builders you will find this to be minimal. We are very sensitive to your needs and expectations and will keep an open line of communication with you through each phase of your project. As a result, you will find your home improvement project to be a rewarding and fun experience.


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I really enjoyed my experience with this contractor. Any worries that I had from experiences with "typical contractors" were non-issues with this crew. Prices were reasonable, the work was completed in a timely fashion and with quality craftsmanship. The team operated with a straight forward approach when it came to deviations from the original plan and were able to intelligently adjust to the unforeseen issues that can arise in any home renovation. While these are qualities that should be expected from any contractor, this group is the only set in which I have actually seen them portrayed.
Ben Robbins
January 2008
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