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How to Prepare Yourself For a Home Remodel/Renovation

    Remodeling your home will bring you much pleasure once completed. It will also add to the sells price of your house when put on the market. However, the downside to a home remodel project is that it will most likely disrupt your everyday life for the duration of the project. Rests assure the end result of a home renovation project will certainly outweigh the inconveniences involved.

    You can count on Solid Builders to go over and beyond to help decrease the negative effects a remodeling project may have on your life at home. In addition, we have compiled a list of suggestions on how you can work with us to help minimize the disturbance and plan ahead to create a smoother process.

  • Establish Proper Lines of Communication
    Make sure our Project Manager has the best contact numbers for you and or any other decision makers in the household. Relying solely on voice messages at either end can get hairy, as they can be forgotten or inadvertently erased. If you canít reach us by phone, we suggest using email for messages regarding your project.
  • Clear Out The Space Getting Remodeled
    You should have the majority of your possessions packed up and out of the way before the start of the project. Move all furniture and accessories to another area of your home. We also suggest moving any pictures, mirrors, furniture, and other items away from walls adjacent to the room being renovated. You donít want vibrations from the construction to break them.

  • Create Traffic Areas
    There will be much foot traffic in and out of your home with tools and materials. With your direction, we will create a path to be used that is easily accessible. We will protect any flooring with plastic covers. In some cases we will need to access the basement for the plumbing, electrical or heating. These areas will need to be cleared of clutter. Designate one bathroom that we can use while working.
  • Keep Children and Pets Safe
    During the construction phase you will want to keep both your children and pets safe. Since remodeling projects require us to go in and out frequently, we ask that you create an area to keep your pets during the day. Please be sure that your children are kept safe and out of the construction zone.
  • Driveways and Storage Areas
    To prepare for your remodel create a space to store job materials. Depending on the size of your remodel project we may ask to put a dumpster in your yard. Also, you can expect trucks coming to deliver your materials so plan to have a space in your driveway cleared for them. 
  • Dust Control
    Remodeling will create a lot of dust. Before your remodeling project begins we will cover all of your furnishings and put up protective plastic at doorways to keep the dust from flowing through your home. Keep all doors closed and do not run central air while we are sanding. Keep extra air filters on hand. We will sweep and vacuum daily to help control the dust..

Tips for Reducing Your Stress Level

1.  Remove Yourself From the Situation. During a remodel your home will seem in disorder and this can be very stressful. Some suggestions on how to get away from the disarray are: go for a walk, take the family out to dinner, go to the gym or visit a friend. Better yet, if you can take your family away for a long weekend or a vacation.

2.  Establish and Discuss Schedule. We will establish a timeline with you and keep you informed if there are any changes. Knowing what will be happen and when and what strangers to expect in your home will give you peace of mind.

3.  Expect the unexpected to impact the schedule. We always say expect the worst and hope for the best. Schedules can and may change during a remodeling project. Sometimes, material selections may be put on back order, inclement weather may occur or some other changing factor may impact our designated schedule. Be mentally prepared to deal with unexpected delays.

4.  Keep an Open Line of Communication with our Team. Throughout the project and especially before it begins, communicate your needs openly and honestly us. You have the right to question or challenge any decision made. We will want to make sure we are all on the same page in regards to expectations and the defined scope of work. 

5.  Tips on Cooking and Eating. If you are Remodeling Your Kitchen, here are a few tips on coping with out a working kitchen

  • Keep essential items handy: microwave meals and non-perishables like soup; condiments; cereal; microwave-safe dishes and utensils; dishcloths; dishwasher soap; paper plates and cups; coffee; coffee pot and sugar/creamer; paper towels; napkins; and garbage bags.
  • Youíll be without water in the kitchen for a time, so plan to do the dishes in another sink or the bathtub. Or stock up on disposable plates and cups, paper towels and a disinfectant cleanser.
  • Plan a temporary kitchen by moving your old refrigerator or a small mini-frig to a convenient space close to a water source. Add a table with a microwave above and a trash can below.
  • Invest in a hot plate if you fear youíll quickly tire of microwave-prepared meals.
  • Stockpile restaurant coupons to use on nights when you need to get away from it all. Click here to receive 1/2 off at selected restaurants in the Triangle.
  • Meals cooked in advance and frozen can be easily reheated for a family dinner thatís a little more normal than the state of your home


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Solid Builders did crown moulding in 2 rooms and some wall repair where we had removed a window. They arrived on time and completed the work in less time than anticipated. The manager/owner came by the next day to ensure the work was done correctly. The crown moulding was put in our den, which is a converted garage, so the walls were not the best, but they did a great job. They also did the painting and caulking. I will be using this company in the future.
Robin Baumgart
June 2007
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